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Women In The Night (1948) [Action] [Drama] [Thriller]

Women in the Night is a 1948 American film directed by William Rowland shot in Mexico. The film is also known as “When Men Are Beasts”. The film depicts activities of German and Japanese who wish revenge on the Allies with a cosmic ray weapon. As World War II nears its end, beautiful women forced to serve as sex slaves in a German officer’s club, do what they can to destroy the plans of a cosmic death ray.

Directed by William Rowland, produced by Louis K. Ansell and Joseph C. Ansell, written by Gyles Adams, Louis K. Ansell (additional dialogue), Maude Emily Glass (adaptation), Ali Ipar (screenplay), Arthur V. Jones (additional dialogue), William Rowland (story), Robert St. Claire (screenplay) and Edwin V. Westrate (screenplay), starring Tala Birell as Yvette Aubert, William Henry as Philip Adams / Maj. von Arnheim, Richard Loo as Col. Noyama, Virginia Christine as Claire Adams, Bernadene Hayes as Frau Thaler, Gordon Richards as Col. von Meyer, Frances Chung as Li Ling, Jean Brooks as Maya, Kathy Frye as Helen James, Helen Mowery as Sheila Hallett, Benson Fong as Chang, Helen Brown as Angela James, Frederick Giermann as Major Eisel, Philip Ahn as Prof. Kunioshi, Arno Frey as Field Marshal von Runzel, Beal Wong as General Mitikoya, Iris Flores as Maria Gonzales, Frederic Brunn as Lt. Kraus, Harry Hays Morgan as General Hundman, Paula Allen as Nurse, Joy Gwynell as Suicide Girl, William Yetter Sr. as German Officer, Noel Cravat as Japanese Officer and Wolfgang Zilzer as German Doctor.

Source: “Women in the Night” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.

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  1. Thank you for uploading a movie about one of the lesser known aspects of WWII…The brutal treatment of women. Although not as devastating as Three Came Home (Claudette Colbert), it still presents the topic in ways that, hopefully, the world will never have to deal with again.

  2. Bluish propaganda. The EU UN all Zionist media NGOs and borderless charities must be disbanded for Europe to keep it's European cultural heritage identity and have a peaceful future.


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