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The Long Dark Hall (1951) Rex Harrison, Lilli Palmer | Crime, Drama

Rex Harrison’s extramarital relationship with Patricia Wayne comes to an end when Wayne is murdered. All evidence points to Harrison; we know that he’s innocent, but the detectives don’t have this advantage. With his faithful wife Lilli Palmer at his side, Harrison goes on trial for his life. Anthony Dawson, the genuine murderer, intends to confess after Harrison is hanged. Thanks to a governmental quirk, Dawson’s letter reaches the authorities just a few steps ahead of the hangman. Anthony Bushell, co-director of Long Dark Hall, is featured as Harrison’s defense attorney. The film was co-scripted by Hollywood’s Nunnally Johnson and based on a novel by Edgar Lustgarden.

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Comment (25)

  1. Great old nail-biter. I like Harrison in his serious roles as much as the unforgettable Henry Higgins. I would have liked this one better if the fat man had had the guts to do the right thing. It sort of dragged on without any suspense after that. The way it ended, with the newspapermen talking about what happened, fell flat with me. But it was a good ride.

  2. Boy what a great movie! Couple of blips in the film/audio but easy to over look….TY for uploading!!
    I admire the actress's portrayal of the eternally devoted wife… something you surely wouldn't see in this day and time.
    I like the British court system….the wigs and all the seriousness and "God save the King" speech. I wonder if they still do any more of that fancy stuff???

  3. A member of the supporting cast, Raymond Huntley, played Count Dracula for many years in touring stage productions prior to Bela Lugosi's assuming the role on Broadway.

  4. The lovely Ms Brenda de Banzie…as the see Hobsons Choice., where Ms de Banzie plays Maggie to Sir John Mills, Willie Mossop..wonderful film., with Charles Laughton reigning supreme as Mr. 'Obson ….


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