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The Furies (1950) Barbara Stanwyck, Wendell Corey | Romance, Western

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Barbara Stanwyck and Walter Huston give standout performances in this dark, psychological western, which Martin Scorsese has compared to the work of Dostoevsky. T.C. Jeffords (Huston) is a cunning and highly successful ranch owner who has announced his engagement to a wealthy socialite, Flo Burnett (Judith Anderson). This news is not warmly received by his daughter Vance (Stanwyck); she had a romance of her own with gambler Rip Darrow (Wendell Corey) foiled by her father, and Vance does not care for her light-headed stepmother-to-be. Vance is driven into a violent rage by T.C.’s Machiavellian actions, and when he kills a good friend of Vance’s (a ranch hand he believes was helping Mexicans squat on his land), she swears revenge on her father and joins forces with Darrow to see that violent justice is done. The Furies proved to be Walter Huston’s last film; he died within a few months of its release.

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Comment (8)

  1. I wanted to like this because I love Barbara Stanwyck, but the characters are such stereotypes, the direction is abysmal, dialogue stilted, I could.t watch. Even from beginning, when she's in her father's office and the dumb brothjer mentions the "TC notes", the way she sixedly stares at her father with such over the top admiration creeped me out and seemed almost incestuous. And then he wants a backrub from her!!! Reminded me of Trump rump and Ivanka. I think these overdrawn to the point of caricature movies are called turgid. Boring, unrealistic drivel.

  2. Some weird incest vibes. The directors and the Star had to know what they were doing , maybe the unsophisticated audiences of 1950 didn’t realize. Stanwyck’s interplay with the father and brother verged on the seductress.


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