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The Bashful Bachelor (1942) [Comedy]

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The Bashful Bachelor is a 1942 American film directed by Malcolm St. Clair. The movie is about Lum Edwards, who’s annoyed with his partner in Pine Ridge’s Jot-’em-Down general store, Abner Peabody, because Abner has swapped their delivery car for a racehorse. Lum is also too timid to propose to Geraldine, so he involves Abner in a “rescue” effort which nearly gets both of them killed. They try again, and this time Geraldine is impressed. Lum writes a proposal note, but Abner, by mistake, delivers it to the Widder Abernathy, who has been ready to remarry for years. This puts Lum in a peck of trouble until the sheriff appears with the Widder’s long-gone and hiding husband.

Directed and produced by W. Lee Wilder, written by Myles Wilder, Paul Langton as Frank Parrish, Leslie Denison as Peter Wells, Taru Shimada as Subra, Rollin Moriyana as Leva
and Robert Kino as Inspector Karma.


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