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Sudden Fear (1952) Joan Crawford, Jack Palance | Film-Noir, Thriller

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Sudden Fear Is a 1952 American film noir thriller directed by David Miller, and starring Joan Crawford and Jack Palance in a tale about a successful woman who marries a murderous man. The screenplay by Lenore J. Coffee and Robert Smith was based upon the novel of the same name by Edna Sherry.

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  1. This was so good and totally unexpected. ..I've been watching the old movies these days bc everything today is just ugly…Thanks for sharing this with all of us who prefer to watch movies with substance. …

  2. Noir…what can you say…its so satisfying…even after all these years. I couldn't remember if I'd seen this movie before (my friend said that's hard to believe for a noir fan like you). Anywho, that's how good it was; it wasn't until the very end that I remembered I'd seen it before….and I was still surprised by the ending. Don't know how Jack Palance became such a successful leading man (with his truly non-traditional leading man looks…perhaps that was it) but he was in fact a believable, successful leading man – albeit always a little dastardly. And Joan…in the dictionary next to noir has to be: my favorites Bette Davis, Lisbeth Scott and Joan Crawford all expert in the naughty, not-to-be fooled with, femme fatal noir leading ladies. It's fun, fantasy with a healthy dose of freaky fright. Enjoy this noir!

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