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Streamline Express (1935) [Comedy] [Drama] [Mystery]

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Broadway star Patricia Wallis (Evelyn Venable), after a quarrel, leaves the new show produced by Jimmy Hart (Victor Jory) and, not realizing that Hart is in love with her, she runs off to California with the wealthy, stodgy Freddy Arnold (Theodore von Eltz) with the announced intention of getting married. Jimmy discovers that Pat and Freddy will be aboard the crack new Streamline Express and he also boards, only to become involved in what appears to be a diamond theft. When Jimmy is falsely accused of the “theft” by blackmailer Gilbert Landon (Sidney Blackmer), Pat comes to her senses, precipitating a hasty and starling conclusion to the mystery of the missing diamond.

Directed by Leonard Fields, produced by Nat Levine (producer) and George Yohalem (supervising producer), written by Wellyn Totman (story), Leonard Fields (screenplay), David Silverstein (screenplay) and Olive Cooper (screenplay), starring Victor Jory as Jimmy Hart, Evelyn Venable as Patricia Wallace, Esther Ralston as Elaine Vincent, Erin O’Brien-Moore as Mary Forbes, Ralph Forbes as Fred Arnold, Sidney Blackmer as Gilbert Landon, Vince Barnett as Mr. Jones, Clay Clement as John Forbes, Bobby Watson as Gerald Wilson, Lee Moran as Larry Houston, Syd Saylor as Smith (Steward), Libby Taylor as Fawn (Patricia’s Maid), Edward Hearn as Mack (Purser), Allan Cavan as Senior Conductor, Wade Boteler as Baggage Gateman, Harry Tyler as Steve, Tommy Bupp as Wilbur (Boy with Dog), Morgan Brown as Bartender, Jack Raymond as Baggage Man, C. Montague Shaw as Physician, Lynton Brent as Radio Operator and Theodore von Eltz as Freddy Arnold.


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Comment (7)

  1. 10:15 – The mock-up of the train in the station is fascinating: it doesn't look real, but is an interesting exercise in scale, depth, and (less successfully) airbrushed 'metal'.

  2. My Uncle Dave wrote the screenplay for this movie. He died in 1944 – before I was born, serving our country in World War II. When I was growing up, all my family members said I reminded them of him. I wish I had met him – even once, because what little I know of him and his work is from these films that still survive.

  3. restoration of these wonderful old movies is the greatest contribution any history buff can make I only wish I had such
    equipment to do the same at 53 years and unable to do physical work I could spend hours at such restoring every day
    but who has the money to pay for those hours?
    more so those that do have such money!
    would they part with it for the sake of preserving a small piece of gracious history?
    If I were a billionaire I know one project I would gladly fund every year knowing that doing good is employing people
    and preserving history is money well spent for future generations to enjoy
    If only I was RICH !!! are well at least my heart is in the right place.
    such a pity that every hour that goes by more great movies decay and are lost from our world along with history.
    good show and thank you so much !!!!!!!!!!!!


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