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Midnight Manhunt (1945) [Comedy] [Crime] [Mystery]

Midnight Manhunt begins with the shooting death of a master criminal who expires in a wax museum. Reporter Sue Gallagher (Ann Savage) is first on the scene, but she is soon in competition with her boyfriend, fellow reporter Pete Willis (William Gargan). The killer traps Sue in the wax museum when he returns there looking for the body. Leo Gorcey plays the caretaker of the wax museum.

Directed by William C. Thomas, produced by Maxwell Shane, written by David Lang, starring William Gargan as Pete Willis, Ann Savage as Sue Gallagher, Leo Gorcey as Clutch Tracy, George Zucco as Jelke, Paul Hurst as Murphy, Don Beddoe as Det. Lt. Max Hurley, Charles Halton as Henry Miggs, George E. Stone as Joe Wells, Robert Barron as Cop with Hurley, Edgar Dearing as Police Desk Sergeant, Paul Harvey as Mr. McAndrews (Night Editor) and Ben Welden as Hotel Manager.

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Comment (33)

  1. Fabulous old time comedy/mystery that I enjoyed a delightful morsel at a time. Too many current so called comedy mysteries present both parts in a loud, clumsly Did YouGet It way. I can count on these classis TCM films to present their heroes, villans and plots in a somewhat predictable fashion. The boy and girl end up together. The bad guys get theirs. On the way, though, I laugh, shed a tear and get a brief respite from the true ugliness on the news. Because of my real world, I NEED my TCM films, plots and characters more than ever. Patrick G. Age 65.

  2. I fell in love with Ann Savage from watching DETOUR so many times. Zucco came to a grim end; the actor who played  "mad" doctors so well spent the 1950s in asylums suffering from dementia (but imdb does not mention that, wiki does, and Kenneth Anger's book HOLLYWOOD BABLON goes into grim detail).


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