Laurel & Hardy – Another Fine Mess

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Another Fine Mess is a 1930 short comedy film starring Laurel and Hardy. It is based on the 1908 play Home From The Honeymoon by Arthur J. Jefferson, Stan Laurel’s father.

Homeless, penniless and one step ahead of the police, Stanley and Oliver take refuge in the home of big-game hunter Colonel Buckshot while the owner is on safari. When Lord and Lady Plumtree call to enquire about renting the house, Oliver pretends to be Colonel Buckshot, while Stanley masquerades as both butler and maid. All goes as well as can be expected, with Lady Plumtree and Stanley, in his guise as “Agnes,” engaging in girl talk, until the real  Colonel Buckshot returns unexpectedly.

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  1. 7 people have been brain-washed by the lord of..
    ( i cant understand comedy, as i am as thick as pig shit, )
    Please all pray for these souls, so that 1 day they wake up, and say, WOW its Laurel and Hardy
    the greatest comedy act ever…


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