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Lady of Burlesque (1943) [Comedy] [Horror]

Lady of Burlesque (also known as “The G-String Murders” and in the UK, “Striptease Lady”) is a 1943 American mystery film, based on the novel The “G-String Murders” written by strip tease artist Gypsy Rose Lee (with ghost-writing assistance from mystery writer Craig Rice). The plot concerns the murder of two strippers, backstage of a New York burlesque theatre and the detection of the killer.

The film is a faithful, if sanitized due to the censorship of the time, adaptation of the original novel, although Gypsy Rose Lee, who appears as a character in her own book, is here renamed “Dixie Daisy” (Stanwyck). Michael O’Shea plays her romantic interest, comedian Biff Brannigan, and Iris Adrian portrays a showgirl. Pinky Lee, a burlesque comic in real life, is another notable supporting player, as is Gerald Mohr as villain Louie Grindero. The film depicted as much as the censors would allow with respect to the precise nature of “bumps” and “grinds”, and the slapdash nature of burlesque shows.

Directed by William A. Wellman, produced by Hunt Stromberg, written by James Gunn and Craig Rice, starring Barbara Stanwyck, Michael O’Shea and Iris Adrian.

Source: “Lady of Burlesque” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.

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  1. Barbara married Frank Fay, who is in this movie. He was a huge Broadway star & she was still an unknown. They say that the movie A Star is Born, was about them. He was an alcoholic, beat his women, anti-semetic, huge ego, an all around son of a bitch. No one in Hollywood liked him. Barbara's star rose & he faded away. Just like the movie, A Star is Born.

  2. High-class this ain't.  Here's tough lady Stanwyck in costumes by Edith Head, choreography by Danny Dare, and Iris Adrian in one of her 100 film appearances as a blonde bombshell,  Gerald Mohr singing off-key, and Michael O'Shea as a leading man! Jeez, it's fun!


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