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Circle of Danger (1951) Ray Milland | Thriller, Mystery

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Circle of Dange is a thriller from 1951 by Jacques Tourneur with Ray Milland, Patricia Roc and Marius Goring.

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Comment (28)

  1. In every way possible, the clarity of the film used and the lighting, the writing , the plot, the direction and the acting….all magnificent. One of the best English mysteries I've ever seen. What a grand movie… Spectacular ending. Thank you.

  2. Has anybody heard of women demanding their equal right to be coal miners? Or isn't it hi-tech and comfortable and safe enough? As soon as it is, they'll be out in droves. And six months later they'll claim they're better at it.

  3. A good movie. Love Jacques Tourneur's films. And the resolution to the mystery was sad but very satisfying. Marius Goring was particularly good as the campy theatre director. That scene where Milland says: 'If I were you I'd spank the little rascal. Hard!' was a bit risque for the time.

  4. I didn't quite catch the final dialogue on the beach between Clay and Sholto, that revealed the circumstance of Hanks being excuted, anyone be so kind to explain to me? Thanks!


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