Sudden Fear (1952) Joan Crawford, Jack Palance | Film-Noir, Thriller

Sudden Fear Is a 1952 American film noir thriller directed by David Miller, and starring Joan Crawford and Jack Palance in a tale about a successful woman who marries a murderous man. The screenplay by Lenore J. Coffee and Robert Smith was based upon the novel of the same name by Edna Sherry.

Women In The Night (1948) [Action] [Drama] [Thriller]

Women in the Night is a 1948 American film directed by William Rowland shot in Mexico. The film is also known as “When Men Are Beasts”. The film depicts activities of German and Japanese who wish revenge on the Allies with a cosmic ray weapon. As World War II nears its end, beautiful women forced […]

Tormented (1960) [Thriller] [Horror]

Jazz pianist Tom Stewart (Carlson), who lives on a Cape Cod island community, is preparing to marry his fiancee Meg. Shortly before the wedding, Tom’s old girlfriend Vi (Juli Reding) visits and informs him that she will end Tom’s relationship with Meg, using blackmail if necessary. While arguing on top of a lighthouse, the railing […]

He Walked by Night (1948) [Film Noir] [Thriller]

On a Los Angeles street, Officer Hollis, a patrolman on his way home from work, stops a man he suspects of being a burglar and is shot and mortally wounded. The minor clues lead nowhere. Two police detectives, Sergeants Marty Brennan (Brady) and Chuck Jones (Cardwell), are assigned to catch the killer, Roy Morgan (Basehart), […]

Silent Night Bloody Night (1974) [Horror] [Mystery] [Thriller]

“Silent Night, Bloody Night” is a horror film which was also released as “Night of the Dark Full Moon” and re-released in the 1981 horror boom as “Death House”. It was directed by Theodore Gershuny and co-produced by Lloyd Kaufman. The film stars Patrick O’Neal and cult actress Mary Woronov in leading roles, with John […]

The Bat (1959) [Horror] [Thriller] [Mystery]

“The Bat” is a mystery film directed by Crane Wilbur. The film’s tagline was “When it flies, someone dies!” The film was based on the 1920 Broadway play “The Bat by Avery Hopwood” and Mary Roberts “Rinehart”, which was previously filmed as “The Bat” (1926) and as “The Bat Whispers” (1930), both directed by Roland […]

The Sadist (1963) [Thriller] [Horror]

The Sadist (also known as Profile of Terror and Sweet Baby Charlie) is an black-and-white exploitation film. The film is loosely based on the killings of Charles Starkweather, upon which the films “Badlands” and “Natural Born Killers” were also based. Three high school teachers, Ed, Doris, and Carl, are driving through rural Southern California on […]

Scream in the Night (1935) [Crime] [Mystery] [Thriller]

A colonial police detective in an Eastern seaport seeks a stolen gem, and infiltrates the underworld by posing as a look-alike wharfside bar owner. — Directed by Fred C. Newmeyer, produced by Ray Kirkwood, written by Norman Springer, starring Lon Chaney Jr. as Detective Jack Wilson / Butch Curtain, Sheila Terry as Edith Bentley, Zarah […]

The Amazing Transparent Man (1960) [Science Fiction] [Thriller]

Former U. S. Army major, Paul Krenner (James Griffith), plans to conquer the world with an army of invisible soldiers and will do anything to achieve that goal. With the help of his hired muscle, Julian (Red Morgan), Krenner forces Dr. Peter Ulof (Ivan Trisault) to perfect the invisibility machine Ulof invented. He keeps Ulof’s […]

The Phantom Express (1932) [Mystery] [Thriller]

The Phantom Express is an American film directed by Emory Johnson. In the movie, a phantom express starts derailing trains, and threatens a company’s future. The son of the owner must find out what is happening before the company is sold. — Directed by Emory Johnson, produced by Irving C. Franklin (producer), Emory Johnson (executive […]

Invisible Ghost (1941) [Horror] [Thriller]

“Invisible Ghost” is a horror film starring Bela Lugosi, shot in black and white, and directed by Joseph H. Lewis. Lugosi plays Kessler, a man controlled by homicidal impulses beyond his control. He is being controlled by his wife, who had left him for another man. She was involved in a car accident that has […]