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The Thief (1952) Ray Milland, Rita Gam | Crime, Drama, Film-Noir

Director Russell Rouse went out on a creative limb in this outing, which resulted in the first American film since Chaplin’s City Lights without any spoken dialogue. The Thief stars Ray Milland as Allan Fields, a nuclear physicist who has sold out to a foreign power. With only a few tinges of conscience, Fields sets […]

The Turning Point (1952) William Holden, Edmond O’Brien | Crime, Film-Noir

Review by Craig Butler …( One of several good but undistinguished films that William Holden made between Sunset Boulevard and Stalag 17, The Turning Point is a fairly typical 1950s film noir, enlivened somewhat by its McCarthy-era setting. Unfortunately, Warren B. Duff’s screenplay doesn’t take advantage of this aspect of the story, settling instead for […]

The File on Thelma Jordon (1949) Barbara Stanwyck, Wendell Corey | Crime, Drama, Film-Noir

No one is as good as Barbara Stanwyck when she’s bad. Here Stanwyck plays Thelma Jordon, a woman who late one night shows up in the office of happily married Assistant DA Cleve Marshall (Wendell Corey) to seek help in solving the string of robberies at her wealthy aunt’s estate. Before Cleve can stop himself, […]

Sudden Fear (1952) Joan Crawford, Jack Palance | Film-Noir, Thriller

Sudden Fear Is a 1952 American film noir thriller directed by David Miller, and starring Joan Crawford and Jack Palance in a tale about a successful woman who marries a murderous man. The screenplay by Lenore J. Coffee and Robert Smith was based upon the novel of the same name by Edna Sherry.

Lady Gangster (1942) [Film Noir] [Drama] [Crime]

Lady Gangster is a Film Noir movie directed by Robert Florey, credited as “Florian Roberts”. It is based on the play “Gangstress”, or “Women in Prison” by Dorothy Mackaye, who had spent ten months of a one-to-three-years sentence in San Quentin State Prison. “Lady Gangster” is a remake of the pre-Code film “Ladies They Talk […]

Woman on the Run (1950) [Film Noir] [Crime]

The movie “Woman on the Run” is a 1950 film noir crime film directed by Norman Foster starring Ann Sheridan and Dennis O’Keefe. The film was based on the April 1948 short story Man on the Run by Sylvia Tate and filmed on location in San Francisco, California. Plot: As the film opens, a man, […]

Shed No Tears (1948) [Film Noir] [Crime] [Drama]

If you like this movie and our channel, please subscribe: | Edna Grover (Vincent) convinces her older husband Sam (Ford) to fake his own death so they can collect on the life insurance. He hides in another city under an assumed name while she identifies a burned body found after a hotel fire as […]

Johnny O’Clock (1947) [Film Noir] [Drama] [Crime]

Johnny O’Clock (Dick Powell) is a junior partner in a posh casino with Guido Marchettis (Thomas Gomez). Complicating their longtime working relationship is Guido’s wife Nelle (Ellen Drew), who is still in love with former boyfriend Johnny. She gives Johnny an expensive custom pocket watch, the twin of a birthday present she gave her husband, […]

He Walked by Night (1948) [Film Noir] [Thriller]

On a Los Angeles street, Officer Hollis, a patrolman on his way home from work, stops a man he suspects of being a burglar and is shot and mortally wounded. The minor clues lead nowhere. Two police detectives, Sergeants Marty Brennan (Brady) and Chuck Jones (Cardwell), are assigned to catch the killer, Roy Morgan (Basehart), […]

A Life at Stake (1954) [Film Noir] [Drama]

“A Life at Stake” is an American Film Noir directed by Paul Guilfoyle. The film is also known as “Key Man”. Down-on-his-luck Los Angeles architect and builder Edward Shaw (Keith Andes) is approached by Doris Hillman (Angela Lansbury) with a business proposal: buying land together, on which he would build houses that she would then […]

The Hoodlum (1951) [Film Noir] [Crime] [Drama]

“The Hoodlum” is a 1951 American film noir directed by Max Nosseck featuring Lawrence Tierney, Allene Roberts, Marjorie Riordan and Lisa Golm. The movie is about an ex-convict, who plans a bank robbery that implicates his brother. — Directed by Max Nosseck, produced by Maurice Kosloff, screenplay by Sam Neuman and Nat Tanchuck, story by […]