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Behave Yourself! (1951) [Comedy] [Crime]

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Behave Yourself! is a 1951 American film directed and co-written by George Beck, starring Farley Granger and Shelley Winters, and released by RKO Radio Pictures. The movie is about Bill (Farley Granger), who forgets about his anniversary, with Kate (Shelley Winters) until the last minute, when a small dog starts to follow him. From there, mayhem ensues, knocking things over. Bill is chased by the police, smugglers, counterfeiters, and murderers, as well as harangued by his mother-in-law.

Directed by George Beck, produced by Norman Krasna, Stanley Rubin and Jerry Wald, written by George Beck and Frank Tarloff, starring Farley Granger as William Calhoun ‘Bill’ Denny, Shelley Winters as Kate Denny, William Demarest as Officer O’Ryan, Francis L. Sullivan as Fat Freddy, Margalo Gillmore as Mother, Lon Chaney Jr. as Pinky, Hans Conried as Gillie the Blade, Elisha Cook Jr. as Albert Jonas, Glenn Anders as Pete the Pusher, Allen Jenkins as Plainclothesman,, Sheldon Leonard as Shortwave Bert, Marvin Kaplan as Max the Umbrella, Archie as Himself and Henry Corden as Numi

Source: “Behave Yourself!” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.

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  1. Good old days 3 could fit in back seat now barly room for 2.
    Woman still hasn't changed they still cry over $$$$ lol.
    Did he say his own flesh n blood his wife so insest is best family is it eww sick.


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