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Bad for Each Other (1953) Charlton Heston, Lizabeth Scott | Drama

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The film Bad For Each Other, together with stars Charlton Heston and Lizabeth Scott and director Irving Rapper, were originally assembled into a package by producer Hal Wallis for Paramount. Shortly thereafter, however, Wallis found it expedient to sell the whole package to Columbia, though the film still has the “look” of a Paramount “A”-picture. Heston plays poor-but-proud Army doctor Tom Owen, who through the influence of Pittsburgh socialite Helen Curtis (Lizabeth Scott) builds up a posh society practice. Though he’s happy with the money and prestige, Dr. Owen is at heart a man of the people, and he’d much prefer tending to the families of the local steel miners. During a moment of extreme crisis, Owen is forced to choose immediately between the life offered him by Helen and the course he knows he should be following. Dianne Foster plays Joan Lasher, the girl Owen left behind when he began pursuing the ice-princess..

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  1. Has anybody heard of women demanding their right to be coal miners? Wait till it's being done with robots and wireless technology above ground and has been made into another comfort zone. Then women will be all over it and in six months they'll be proclaiming they're the best at it just like all the other fields it took men to engineer and make safe. But for now the slug men can do it.

  2. Charlton Heston was a terrific actor and seemed like a good person also he had a a FABULOUS MODERN HOUSE !!!**loved all of his Movies !!!!! I man doesn't really knows who loves him right in front of his eyes !!!!**


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