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Autumn Leaves (1956) Joan Crawford, Cliff Robertson, Vera Miles [Drama]

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Millicent Wetherby is a middle-aged woman whose life is devoid of love and affection. Millicent’s solitary existence changes when she encounters Burt Hansen a charismatic younger man. As Burt successfully woos her and wins her hand in marriage, rumors begin to surface that Millicent’s newfound beau is in fact a deranged maniac. Things grow even more complicated for Millicent when a woman claiming to be Hansen’s first wife shows up. As Burt begins to lose control of himself, Millicent ponders the most radical of actions against her husband.

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Comment (30)

  1. depressing disaster and totally fraudulent
    guy had serious schizophrenia with episodes of murderous rage treated by ect
    such individuals just do not become normal as the movie shows nor ever become charming enough to fool intelligent, perceptive women to marry them.

  2. Now this is a great clean cut movie. I just Love Joan Crawford in everything she plays in. This is an Outstanding Drama I only wish that this kind of movies would make a comeback. And her husband Burt is awesome also in everything he plays in as well. But can you say PTSD!!!!!

  3. When they took him away I couldn't stop the tears from streaming down my face and I hardly ever cry at movies, but I just couldn't stop. And then I watced it again and again and evertime I cried. It was just so sad 🙁 I very much enjoyed this movie though 🙂

  4. OK, well, I'm crying me eyes out over here. I had no idea this film existed and I'm so glad that more of Joan Crawford's acting is being given a chance to be viewed by a whole new audience. This movie only convinces me that the feud, as they call it, was no feud. Clearly, Joan Crawford was the better actress. It would seem that during her time with Warners and Columbia, Joan was given the opportunity to play the roles she always wanted and proved she was more than able to carrying them out. I loved this movie!!!!! 😂😂😂

  5. She is a fool to married so quickly he lies, steal and and have a mental illness and abusive
    Still she stay aft et me smash her hand with the typewriter and hit her. even though she love him sometimes you have to leave the person that you love


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