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A Woman Of Distinction (1950) Ray Milland, Rosalind Russell | Comedy

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A Woman of Distinction serves as a tailor-made vehicle for Rosalind Russell. The star is cast as Susan Middlecott, a highly respected college dean. As can be expected, Susan is too busy for romance — at least until handsome professor Alec Stevenson (Ray Milland) enters the picture. At first, the dean and the prof are thrown together by the overzealous machinations of a press agent, and they’re none too pleased about it. No matter how hard they try to keep their distance from each other, Susan and Alec constantly find themselves in embarrassing situations in full view of the public. It takes the behind-the-scenes maneuvers of Susan’s puckish papa (Edmund Gwenn) to straighten things out. Appearing in unbilled cameos are Lucille Ball as herself, and Ball’s future TV cohort Gale Gordon as a railroad ticket agent.

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  1. Edmund Gwenn, cousin of Cecil Kellaway, always adds that certain air of distinction and pleasantness to whatever film in which he's featured. And he always seems to be selected for the better films, of which this is definitely one. Great cast all around. 3/2019

  2. This is a grade z movie even by the standards of the day. How three great actors must have hated their parts. I guess a lot of MALE directors, producers, and studio directors had a lot of fun encouraging the viewing public to think that educated women couldn't have any stature, or respect. For them it was always "get back to the kitchen" or "get back in the bed" where you belong! They were trying to tell that to dozens of famous, respected, educated women who also had husbands and children.These men wanted to live in a world of men, making movies by men, for men! Talk about chauvinism.


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